Weekly Musings from the Priest Administrator
Saint James Church, St. Augustine, FL
A Catholic Community of the Personal Ordinariate
of the Chair of Saint Peter

Saint Nicholas

If these were more traditional times, I'd be loafing today, since it's my personal patronal feast day. The REAL Saint Nick was quite a fellow, and his relics have been reverenced lately by millions of Russians in Moscow and St. Petersburg since being loaned to the Russian Orthodox Church by the Roman Catholic Church. A very nice ecumenical touch. Anyway, I'm doing anything but loafing, life moves on and so does the Church. Including St. James Church!

A few items to report on. Well, first, just a reminder to open the attachment I'm sending along. Dorothy Hardy asked if she could distribute it to the church, and I told her, you bet! She'll probably have some hard copies available this weekend, but in any case I'm sending to you. Something to think about this Advent.

Next, I am pleased to refer to the final report of our participation in the 2017 Bishop's Appeal. We actually made our significantly "enhanced" (being diplomatic here) goal over 2016's, and even exceeded it by about 5%! Way to go! Especially since the contributions included a number of gifts in three figures by folks who aren't even registered with the church, let alone the Ordinariate. You people are amazing! Thank you all for your generosity. Having seen the actual financials of the Ordinariate while at the clergy assembly this October in Los Angeles, I can tell you the money will be put to very good use, and is desperately needed. The whole Ordinariate is a baby jurisdiction in the Church, and runs on a thin edge, I can assure you. Your gifts will mean so much to help keep this part of the Barque of Christ afloat as we sail into 2018. (BTW, per chancery policy, half of the overage will be returned to us for our own use).

Please remember that Friday is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM, and has been the patronal feast day of the United States of America since the 19th century. It is a Holy Day of Obligation, and I personally intend to make the noon Mission Shrine mass (not as a concelebrant, but simply a child of God). I hope you can also find a Mass convenient to your circumstances if you are able.

Speaking of concelebration, however, it does look like I will be concelebrating the Christmas Eve Mass at 4 p.m. at St. Anastasia Church December 24th (we will have had our own 4th Sunday of Advent Mass at St. James/St. Ben's in the morning, along with a special fellowship time). Cool thing about this particular Christmas Eve Mass is that Bishop Estevez is the principal celebrant - not sure about what other clergy may be there as well. Anyway, you might want to consider making that your Christmas Mass as well. Afterward Terra and Acqua has an awesome prix fixe holiday menu on tap from late afternoon until 8 p.m. (last seating). I made Joanne's and my reservation today, but they're going quickly. So . . .

Finally, for those of you who bought tickets to the St. Gerard House Fundraiser Gala this Saturday up at the World Golf Village, I hope to see you there and then as well. How "Miss Carol" carries on day after day at that place amazes me. Please keep her and the ministry in prayer in any case.

Hope to see some of you this weekend - and if not, well, please just continued to have a blessed Advent Season. I'm getting my tree out of the garage today - a Marziani family St. Nick's day tradition.

God bless and love you all,

Fr. Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr., D.Min.