St. James Church
Strategic Plan Meeting, Phase 2 – February 11, 2018

Members Present: Barbara Smith, Don Heine, Don and Joan Roberts, Janet Jordon, Cinthia and Aaron Day, Joanne Marziani, Fr. Nick Marziani

The group met directly after Mass. Fr. Nick announced the purpose of this meeting: To take the already articulated church Vision and Purpose Statement from last September and develop an implementable Mission Statement. What are the two or three things we are called to do as St. James Church?

Fr. Nick reviewed the document “Architects of Communion” and the 2 main purposes of the Apostolic Constitution, Anglicorium Coetibus: 1) Episcopal and Anglican groups and individuals will have a clear and firm pathway into the sacramental riches of the Catholic Church and 2) Anglicans entering the Catholic Church would be able to retain much of their own liturgical integrity and distinctive spirituality, ie. the “Precious Patrimony” (words of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI) to share with the entire Catholic Church. [That includes outreach to non-Anglicans who are either revert Catholic seekers, OR currently active Catholics desiring co-registration with St. James Church]. St. James continues to brilliantly accomplish goal #2 above, but we need to grow our church to better fulfill purpose #1, which is the primary focus of the CDF in Rome. Indeed, unless our communities thrive numerically to achieve a strategic “critical mass” of active members and households, we cannot continue to fulfill any of the elements of the Apostolic Constitution.

Fr. Nick’s suggestion: Focus on ACTS: Adoration, Community, Theology, Service… and as a community be more engaged in personal AND corporate prayer, Christian formation, and service to the Lincolnville and Flagler College communities.

Other suggestions:
1-Change the Mass time to noon; most of the current members did not think this would work for them.
2-Midweek prayer and study time, maybe 5-6 PM. Cinthia, Don, and Fr. Nick thought this would be a good place to start. (not on Wed.)
3-Reach out to Flagler students and nursing homes. (Don R.)
4-Keep the small church community feel. (Cinthia)
5-Hand out Lenten devotionals as a way of reaching out to the St. Augustine Community.
6-Have a presence at community events, maybe the Cathedral’s Festival. (Aaron)

Group asked for Fr. Nick to provide copies of “Architects of Communion” and the 5-page suggestions document produced by Tadzia Alexander after the September meeting.

Group decision at this time is to implement a midweek prayer and study time and seek the Lord’s guidance for the next steps. The meeting ended with a closing prayer led by Don Heine.