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Please enjoy the attached photo of "Our Lady's Pilgrims" as they passed through Lincolnville on their way to the Cathedral and then the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche this afternoon.

They started this morning at St. Ambrose in Elkton, and arrived at St. Ben's around 1 p.m. for a decade of the rosary and to receive a Pilgrim's Blessing from a certain Canterbury-attired cleric in the tradition of our English Catholic forebears.

And they/we were joined for a simple lunch in the rectory by Tadzia Alexander, who I discovered is quite a sports buff, along with Dan Hoffman, the papa and leader of our hearty band of pilgrims. They chatted about Gainsville and U. of Florida athletic lore, in addition to other places I barely knew existed.

Was great seeing them all in this casual setting, something we need to do more of at St. James in general. Dan and Patty Hoffman, along with Barbara Smith, Joanne and myself, were the very first St. James-ers from the early 2012 days, even before I was ordained, when we used to do Evensong at the House of Prayer late Saturday afternoons. In the photo you can see four of their five daughters (who used to also participate in Evensong), along with a dear brother and friend of the family. Unfortunately, Patty had to play photographer, so you don't see her. Thanks, Patty, for your humble service!

Anyway, hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow! And no complaints, please, about "the holiday crowds"; come on, greet such visitors as may be drawn by the Holy Spirit to Mass in the morning.