Lectio Divina

Weekly Musings from the Priest Administrator
Saint James Church, St. Augustine, Florida
A Catholic Community of the Personal Ordinariate
of the Chair of Saint Peter

Saint Benedict, Abbot, Father of Western Monasticism
(480~545 A.D.)

This is an auspicious day and filled with glad tidings, particularly with regard to the memorial feast we celebrate today, St. Benedict, whose influence in the West vis-a-vis the monastic vocation is par excellence with regard to both our Anglican, and Roman Catholic patrimony.

I love this quote from the Cathedral Basilica's newsletter this week, from St. Benedict:

"What, dear brethren, is more delightful than the voice of the Lord calling to us?"

What, indeed? And, speaking of the monastic vocation, although I must be out of country starting this Saturday St. James is going to be treated at Sunday Mass - and I do mean treated - to a bona fide Carmelite priest that we have experienced before in my absence, Fr. Artur, from the Carmelite Monastery, "just down the road" in Bunnell. Fr. Artur will be ably assisted, making a cameo and much appreciated presence, by Bob Kershner, who will help guide Fr. Artur through our Ordinariate Order of Service this weekend (The Divine Worship Missal). Those of you who have had the opportunity to celebrate the sacred liturgy together with Fr. Artur in the past know what a special occasion this will be. Nothing quite like a true monk to offer together with you the Eucharist Sacrifice!

I, as a so-called "secular priest" (not under all the Evangelical vows, including poverty - Fr. Artur personally owns nothing) - cannot truly convey the unique spirituality of someone like Fr. Artur, and so I encourage all of you in town, maybe such as have been otherwise engaged, to come to Mass on Sunday.

Mass is not about any particular priest, certainly not *yours truly*, and I rejoice that another man who bears the stamp of the One Priest, via Holy Orders, will be present this weekend. Ditto the following Sunday, July 22nd, when I will at that point be in Rome during my special Urbi et Orbi pilgrimage.

All that being said, I simply wish to refer you to the attached Lectio for the upcoming week after Trinity (different designation for standard Latin Rite worshippers).

As I made mention last week, I am not certain what my internet arrangements will be next Wednesday, July 18, while I am in Russia on pilgrimage, and on my way shortly thereafter to Rome. All I can say is that come, approximately July 22nd or so, I will be in Rome, and residing the pope's current address, the Domus Santa Marta. Regulations thereon to pertaining, I cannot take any pictures within that facility, and so folks may have to be satisfied with some vague references to "being somewhere around the pope" and his entourage during that period. Rest assured, I hope to take lots of pictures on my cellphone as I am able (and permitted) and will share them with members and friends of St. James as I am able.

And I will also especially remember our members and friends during the feast of St. James, July 25th, while I will be still on pilgrimage in Rome. I hope to catch up with everyone at the end of the month, with good stories and blessings to share.

God bless and love you all!
Fr. Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr., D.Min