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Weekly Musings from the Priest Administrator
Saint James Church, St. Augustine, FL
A Catholic Community of the Personal Ordinariate
of the Chair of Saint Peter

Pre-Nights of Lights * Special Edition
St. Albert the Great

It's getting to look a lot like . . . the Ancient City's special day!

I have to admit that when I first hit these shores from having relocated from Texas on assignment as an interim rector at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Palatka (but living here on Anastasia Island - a mere half hour commute away), my very first Night of Lights was magic, even with a "mere" one million little bulbs lit up (what, I think we're up to 3 million this year, or is it more?). It was like being a little kid again, had never seen anything quite like it since having left the Philadelphia area for good in the late 1970s. But now, of course, it's the occasion for ultimately well over a million visitors to come hither during November, December, and January. Nice to share the blessing, but it does get kind of crowded in this little town.

Anyway, we're hoping to have a little crowd of our own at St. James this Sunday as Deacon Philip Mayer preaches his first sermon at Mass! His theme comes right from the Pope's call to consider the poor and needy in a special way this weekend, and having already perused Dn. Philip's homily draft text, I can tell you it will be a very interesting approach. Please come and also stay for the simple pot-luck meal we will share together in the rectory afterward. Bring something along to share, and let us remember we are community. Also, before Mass I'm going to bless items for distribution to the poor the following week in advance of Thanksgiving. Disposable diapers - and wipes - will especially be appreciated as we will then take them over to St. Gerard Campus early the following week for their outreach ministries.

Please also keep in mind we WILL have a sung Thanksgiving Day Mass at the church at 10:30 a.m., a first for St. James. Deacon Mayer has already begun to bless St. James with his ideas and energy, and this Mass is a good example of the same.

And tonite (Thursday) we will hold our final Study and Prayer Hour for the rest of the year, focusing on the upcoming Advent Season from our study edition of the Divine Worship Missal. Deacon Phil will be there along with myself and a number of others, including very likely a potential newcomer to St. James who has moved down to this area from Swizerland, where she and her family attended San Juan del Rio Catholic Church. Come on out if you possibly can today at 5:30 p.m. (well, I intend to be there at 5 p.m., if you want to come early), and we will wrap up at 6:30 p.m.

That's enough for now. I'll be sharing this evening and Sunday about other local opportunities to be blessed by the sisters of St. Joseph as they offer Advent-related workshops for our edification in late November and early December. In short, I invite you to take advantage of lots of wonderful activities beginning to swirl about us, and I hope to see many of you at church soon.

God bless and love you all,
Fr. Nicholas A. Marziani, Jr., D.Min.